Welcome dogs
27 agosto 2017
Welcome dogs

Has it ever happened to you to renounce to a golf match because you had nobody to leave your dog with?
You had someone to rely on which could take care of it but you were a little sad to leave your dog behind?

From now on it will never happen again!

Every golf player who owns a dog can heave a sigh of relief because at Golf Ugolino Golf Club dogs are now allowed to enter.

The owner can now take the dog with him on the course and in the other open areas of the Club, except for the swimming pool and terrace (closed areas will 
carry on to be interdicted even in case of simple transit).

Few and simple the regulations which will permit the dogs to be allowed
 in, ordinary canine "bon ton" rules which common-sense dog owners, carrying on reading these lines, will smile for .

The owner, apart from keep
ing the dog on a leash, must always make sure that the dog behavior is controlled and respectful not only to Ugolino members and guests but also to the fauna which lives on course, fauna that has the right to live in peace and undisturbed (so, if your dog, driven by its instinct, decides to hunt ducks and ducklings, please, prevent it from doing so!).

Last but not
 least, the owner must always use dog hygenic bags (no need to explain why).

That’s all. Easy, isn’t it?

So, Welcome Dogs!

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