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We offer a wide selection of apparel, shoes, bags, balls, and much more to make sure you have the best of the best!
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The indescribable excitement of pulling a drive of 250 meters in the center of the fairway; the excitement of the first birdie or eagle; playing 18 holes and scoring a score that we would never have hoped to achieve; post a putt of 20 meters and with this, make the difference between winning and losing the match. Or just walk on the first tee with new golf shoes, and feel the grass under the feet of the morning!

These and countless other emotions that are our beautiful sport can offer us! It is for this reason, that for 25 years, we strive to make our service to golfers friendly and cordial, but at the same time being honest and professional. It is also why we are part of the chain of golf shops that registered the highest growth rate due to the trust that, day after day, our customers have shown us. 

Swimming Pool

A great place to cool off on the hot summer days
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The swimming pool is also an example of the futurist style,  and it is also protected by The Cultural Heritage Authorities. It is located in a lovely wooded spot, not far from the clubhouse. The ceramic lining of the pool is done in a delightfully subtle variety of dark and light blue shades. It stands out like a jewel against the background greenery. The pool has a diving board and diving platform which are a bold design, bearing the signature of the great engineer Pierluigi Nervi. Its dimensions are 25m x 12.5 m.


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Our new gym is here to benefit golfers. We have cardiovascular equipment and a massage table on the first floor. On the second floor, we have workout equipment that is designed to help golfers get stronger and perform golf specific exercises. 


A marvelous place to come before or after golf to relax
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The restaurant is very light and spacious and boasts a superb kitchen.
Management is in the hands of the Societá Golf Forentia, owned by the Scotto di Perotolo family. They are assisted by chef, Stefano Mangini, and the ever courteous Sarah. The family is from Campania originally, and their passion is to combine the traditional tastes of Campania and Tuscany into exciting dishes. They are of course accompanied by quality wines. They provide a flexible all-day service to accommodate the needs of golfers. During the summer, an open-air grill around the poolside on Thursday evenings has become a “must.” Guests who come to golf at Ugolino retain a warm and lasting memory of the restaurant.

The clubhouse of Ugolino is an example of the futuristic or art deco style of architecture that was prevalent in the 1930s. The architect was Ghirardo Bosio, a noted city planner of the fascist period. It is a listed building, protected by the Florentine Institute Responsible for Cultural Heritage. The building sits strategically on top of a hill surrounded by meadowlands, filled with cypresses and pines. All 18 holes are laid out in a circle around the clubhouse.

The building itself is a three-story construction. The ground floor has management offices and locker rooms. The first floor is dedicated to a spacious bar, a restaurant, and a lounge. Surrounding this floor is a huge terrace giving marvelous panoramic views of the hilly countryside. The second floor has a card room, a billiard room, and a terrace which overlooks the eighteenth green. 

Practice ground

Driving Range, Pitching Green, Putting Green, and Practice Bunker
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The driving range has 15 open bays and seven under a canopy. A vast area is set aside for pitching practice. There is a large putting green, a practice bunker, and an area for chipping as well.

Partners & Sponsors
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